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12h Epilog Brno - Season ending with win
11. 10. 2015

Scuderia Praha drivers woke up  to the Saturdays´morning with the very optimistic feeling. They drove the best qualifying lap time in Friday. So, they showed the best condition to Mercedeses. That was in the bad weather conditions and the drivers had to break in to it against the previous races.
Cold, fog and showeriness, that was Friday. The second day was situation quite better. Temperature was moving around 10°C.

The history of Epilog race is written from the year 1999 and we can say, that it is seventienth year today. The most progressive change is in the race duration, it is prolonged to 12 hours and is organised under Creventic.

Jaromir Jirik was not the novice there. He drove Epilog race seventimes with the race cars Škoda Octavia, Škoda Fabia, Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and Lamborghini Gallardo GT3.

To the this year´s race sat to the cocpit Peter Kox as the first driver from crew. Ti was needed to serve stable results lap by lap. The German "hammers" are in advantage with the horsepower and revolving moment, nevertheless Ferrari is about 400 kg lighter. After the 31 laps Matteo Malucelli changes Peter Kox. This two drivers drove the bigger part of the race. In the beggining the rival mercedes of Ram Racing overtook Czech Ferrari, but after some pit stops the situation was stabilized. Red special drove for the win after the 12 hours.

Epilog race is added to the next year´s 24h Series calendar.

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