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12h Mugello -
Sixth place
16. 3. 2015

70, this is the number of fhe final count of teams. It means, that it is growth twice against the last year. The race was driven in two parts. The reason was the limit of the noise in the night time. Drivers started in 14 pm and then they stopped on the starting grid after the four hours of drive. Immediately the rule parc-ferme was valid to Saturday´s morning. In 9:30 am begun the second part of the race for 8 hours with the finish in 17:30 pm.


To the qualification got in Mateo Malucelli and he drove the best lap 1:49,291 in the last 17. lap. The team attacked the second position in the first row on starting grid. The final gap from the first was 1,267 s, and this is the better than in the last year 1,565 s.


The race started Matteo Malucelli. Immediately there was some shoving between the cars after the start and this caused the loss about a few positions. The team had to eliminate it. To the second part of the race Scuderia Praha started from the fifth position. At the end, the red ferrari drove through the finish line on the sixth position in itself category.

Jirí Pisarik: „Today it was little complicated. We slumped to the back after the start and then we was going back for the whole time. I am glad, that we was composed in our each lap times. By reason of it, we got sucessfully fifth place with one lap gap. There are much more cars against the last year race, in which sit enough amateur drivers. They are dangerous not only for themselves, but at first for others.“

Jaromir Jirik: „Today I drove the times around 1:54, and it is better for one and half seconds  against the last year. Of course I am pleased for it. I am successfull to harmonise with the car and get form back, which I had in FIA GT3 time. Racing had changed for the last few years. We have there 24h races, which are similar to sprint races by its pace and there are realy enough non experienced drivers. This all gets to the races the another dynamics and mainly completely shifts on the other level. This is the big challenge anymore.“

Matteo Malucelli: „I had the problem with the faster cars after the start, and they blocked me in the first turn. I lost a lot of positions and then oI had to bring the lost position back. The big problem was with Mecedeses. These cars are very fast on the straights, but in the technical passages are slower. Newertheless, it is not easy at all to overtake its. We are one lap back after today, but the eight hours waits for us tomorrow. Anything can become and It cannot be no other than our goal to attack the highest ranks.“

Ivo Horn, team chief: „I must wish to compliment whole team for this day. There are a lot of competitors with GT3 cars and we got in qualification second place,when we was not able to focus only on competitive Ferrari, it is upgraded for actual specification 2015 at difference of ours. We had not luck at the beginning of race. We was braked on in start shovings and then we got the bang from one Mercedes on the rear wheel. This caused the spinning of the car and after that trip out. The result was the gap two and half. We went up for the final fifth position.“

Source: 24hSeries,
Foto: 24h Series

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