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12h Zandvoort - Crew Písařík/Jiřík/Kox did not see the finish due to accidental collision
1. 4. 2014
After the races in Dubai and Mugello team continues on the track between dunes in Zandvoort. Peter Kox, the very experienced driver with GT cars joined the Scuderia Praha with Jaromir Jirik behind the wheel.
Immediately in qualifying session red Ferrari set the time 1:41,021. That was the third place on the starting grid.  Behind the Czech crew started German team Hofor Racing with two SLS AMG GT3 cars.

During the first three hours Scuderia Praha held second position. Then the car felt through to the end of the second ten. When Peter Kox sat to the car, he moved it to the third position. So it is the right time to think about victory.

The race is stopped for a night as in Mugello, from 19:00 to 10:00 next day. Scuderia Praha car with number 9 is starting from the third position in Sunday. Then red Ferrari was on the first place. Jiri Pisarík is behind the wheel leading with 2 laps. Second  in ranking is Car Collection Mercedes. In 262 lap #9 Ferrari knitted to the collision of three cars and the race early ended for the team. Driver got off unhurted, but the car was completely damaged.

Wish to the team a lot of happiness for the next race in Barcelona, which will go on the track Montmelo at the beggining of September.

Foto: Petr Frýba

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