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12h Zandvoort - The Mercedes crews was surmountable this time
2. 6. 2015

The last weekend of the May was very important for the team Scuderia Praha drivers. The Holland 12h Zandvoort endurance race was on the programme, where the 50 crews joined the fights on the track.

Qualifying session

At the domestic track Peter Kox was trying to set the best lap time. In the tenth lap was the time 1:39,630 which was for the fifth place on the starting grid. There was very strong competiors of the Mercedes cars on the first four starting positions. So, that was notional first position for the crew with the other racing special than SLS AMG GT3.


The race format was as back in the March in Mugello splitted for the two days. The start was planned to Friday at 4pm with duration of 3 hours. The continuation of the race in Saturday was at 8:45am with finish at 5:45pm plus one lap.

Jiri Pisarik sat to the cockpit for the starting of the race. So in the formation lap rain drops began to fall on the track, then the race became more attractive. A few race laps the teams were forced to send their cars for the wet tyre changing. Pit stops mixed the ranking and after that Scuderia Praha car was for a little time lower of the first ten places. The second half of the race waited for Peter Kox and that was about 43 laps.

Saturday´s restart of the race began from fifth position and Peter Kox set the pace with Mercedeses. Weather was very fine against of Friday´s. Two stints waited for MUDr. Jaromir Jirik. He undertook the car form Peter Kox before the both and done well with driving  balanced laps. After his all-day mission he relayed the car to Peter for the last fourty laps to the finish.

The personal fastest lap drove Jaromir in the lap 185 of the second day in his longest stint of the weekend and that was 1:44,720.

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