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2016 season in sign of Skoda Octavia Cup - Part 2
8. 3. 2016
This year´s racing season is in full swing. Ours will begin at the end of April paradoxicaly but traditionaly at the Hungarian circuit near Budapest. Jaromir Jirik, MD will start his eightteenth volume of his active career in auto racing by his 170th race.

What was your first impulse to decide about participation in Skoda Octavia Cup?
I was
coaching for the company Action Racin Mania for a few years. Now, we are starting up the project of racing team in the up mentioned cup racing.

What would be the team composition of drivers and if are the names known?
We want to have composition balanced by older and more experienced and younger sharper drivers. To the next car should sit Jan Jez. He continued with racing in German Divinol Cup in the year 2007 with Alfa Romeo 147 GTA after my moving up to the European GT3 racing.

What are the differences in the physical preparation for the next season against the last year´s?
Naturally, I have to make the different training. It is needed to reduce my weight, because in the cup racing you are slowed down by every kilo.

Now the entry list of Skoda Octavia Cup is gradually filled. There are the names known from the other cup series. What is your expectation for this season overall position?
Primarily, I would like to end races in the foreground. I participated a few seasons in cup series, where I gained precious experiences. Its will be very useful for now.

Could you try the cup special on the track?
Not yet to this day.

Yours plans are not only concentrated to Skoda Octavia Cup, how is the situation exerting?
I cooperate with Action Racing Mania on the project of racing team in Lamborghini Supertrofeo Series, in which I would like to participate as a driver.

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