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24h Barcelona - Red Scuderia Praha Ferrari on the pole!
6. 9. 2014
Yesterday´s qualifying session for endurance race in Barcelona could not end up for drivers #4 Písařík/Jiřík/ Malucelli/Kox better. Matteo Malucelli who had very awful collision in Daytona at the beggining of this year, set during 45 minutes qualification fastest lap. After he drove better and better. His final time stopped at 1:50,031. That was pole position for Scuderia Praha with half a second before team Hofor Mercedes. The time was not equally the best by Matteo. He had to overtake two slower cars.

Nevertheless it is pleasant sticking for not successful race in Zandvoort. The car was almost completely rebuilt. With new engine, gearbox and rear frame is like in better condition than new.

Source: 24h Series
Photo: 24h Series

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