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24h Barcelona - This year´s race in the bad luck sign
6. 9. 2015

The Prague team´s drivers went to the 24 hours race from the fourth position. Broken transmission sat back the aim to win this race as the last year´s.

Qualifying session

Matteo Malucelli fought out the fourth position for the Saturday´s start. Rainy weather made the driving harder, so the lap times was around 10 seconds slower. At the first minutes Matteo sat the time around 2:06 minutes. That was for the second position enough. Only one was faster, Dutch van der Zande from the team Car Collection. The next two Mercedeses of the teams Hofor Racing and HB Racing Team Herberth moved to the positions before the Czech Ferrari during the session.


After the eight lap the technique betrayed the team. Broken transmission was repaired almost 2 hours and then the car was at the end of classification list. After the repairing, drivers had to drive very fast laps to phase out big loss. Finally the crew crossed the finish line on the 4th position in theirs category and 14th overall.

Source: 24h Series
Photo: 24h Series

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