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24h Barcelona - The victorious trophy is at home!
10. 9. 2014
MD. Jaromír Jirik set the excellent result.. He completed the endurance race for 24 hours (Fermi Velez Trophy) with the team mates Jiri Pisarik, Matteo Malucelli and Peter Kox on the first place. He won in his category and in absolute ranking. It is not only big successl for the team and Ferrari, but Jaromir with Jiri represented our nation. Scuderia Praha´s Ferrari F458 GT3 was going on first place since 6th hour of the race. Then team was increasing lead distance for the rest of the race. They cut the finish line with 653 laps or 3.040 kilometers.

The race began Peter Kox. Immediately after the start jumped over him Frankenhout with Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. More than ten first cars continued in one gaggle, which was for spectators very interesting.

Every of the Scuderia Praha´s drivers tried to get to the lead gradually and that was succeed. in the eighth hour of the race Scuderia Praha figured at the leading position with one lap ahead. In the middle of race and passed 333 laps was the distance between first and second (#32 týmu Kessel Racing) 4 laps. The team was not flustrated from three "code 60" nor 30 minutes behind the safety car, goal wa clear.

Last changing in the cockpit,  Peter Kox sat behind the wheel. Without mistakes he got the finish with 7 laps ahead.

Jiri Pisarik: „Simply said it was a perfect weekend we could not have asked for more. It was my first 24 hours race and it is unbelievable that there was no single mistake from anybody in our team during full distance. I must say that I was a bit surprised how hard it is driving in the night. It was new and interesting experience. The team prepared a perfect car, team-mates were greats and the result is fantastic. Personally I am so satisfied that I did such a long driving without mistake it is so tough races to keep focus all the team with speed differences between various cars. I enjoyed the podium a lot it was the first time they played a Czech anthem for me.

Jaromir Jirik: „Beautiful race from all perspectives we did not put a foot wrong from driving, strategy and reliability aspects. Maybe I could have gone a bit faster but it was more important to keep a constant lap times without mistakes which we all managed to do. Our performance is also valuable due to the fact that we regularly changed behind the wheel it was not like on or two drivers doing majority of the race. Big thanks to the team that prepared not only perfectly reliable car but also very nicely balanced one. It was a pleasure to drive it.”

Matteo Malucelli: „It is almost unbelievable that we did not have any single problem during whole 24 hours. The car ran footlessly as a team we did not do a single mistake. I was not sure what to expect before we started because I did not the team and my team-mates that well but I soon realised that we have a very good potential to fight for the victory. Thanks to the team for great car, quick pitstops and also thanks to my team-mates because to win endurance races you need to have the all crew to be quick and reliable. Difficult to ask for more - we have pole position, fastest lap and the win. I enjoyed both race and work with the team.”

Peter Kox: „To win any 24 hours race is never easy because to finish such draining race in itself is never easy but we did it. All team members put in a great work. We led vast majority of the race, had a good strategy calls and most importantly we did not do any mistakes. Maybe it is not such famous race like Le Mans or Spa but you still have 70 competitors and finish it without a glitch is quite rare. The team was well prepared as usual and was a pleasure to work with them again. I am pretty sure that I am now the most successful team driver in endurance races.”

Ivo Horn, team principal: „The result reflects work of the whole team, every single member. It may sound like a cliché but endurance races are a team sport not only between the drivers behind the wheel but also in the background. Both Peter and Matteo belong to the elite group of great endurance racing drivers and they did a great job in all aspects. Fast in heavy traffic and night. Jaromir and Jiri, who raced his first 24 hours race, were also impeccable like their famous team-mates, just a tiny bit slower and as reliable. We were rewarded for the big effort in preparation of the car and also had a bit of luck because you never have any guarantees in 24 hours races. It was great that after such a big race they played Czech national anthem.”

Source: 24h Series
Photo: 24h Series

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