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24h Paul Ricard - Fantastic fourth place after unwaited contact
12. 7. 2015

The friday´s day was closed by beautiful second qualifying session. Long 24 hours waited for Jaromir Jirik with crew and team.

Peter Kox drove first stint after the start. Then he got big wound from one of mercedes cars. The car became undriveable after the contact thus transportation was solved by towing. All the action with repair ended after 30 minutes. This is very big loss in the sprint race, but there would not be lost in endurance racing.
The drivers are pulling down the loss. Around the midnight red ferrari is going at the seventh position with 13 minutes behind the bronze.
At the Sunday morning team climbed up to the fourth position with four laps to the bronze.

All team effort is ending after finish with the fourth place.
The best Jaromir´s lap in the race was 2:13, 480.

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Source: 24h Series
Photo: 24h Series

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