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16. 10. 2015
Pontus Tidemand

Between the primal activities of Jaromir Jirik, MD are to train the full-time sportsmen. The one took place in the Prague´s fitness centre Aqua Palace. Many of the drivers he trained to the top condition and now has there young talent from the Skoda Motorsport team Swede Pontus Tidemand.

This twenty five years old native from Charlottenberg became various driver very quickly. He reached many of successes in the motorsport branches as crosskart, rally, rallycross and touring cars.
His first steps came in the year 2007 and then he was the youngest Swedish rally championship in the year 2011. He moved to the Junior WRC one year later. Overall win eject him to the start in the Swedish rally 2014 with Fiesta RS WRC. This same year was not less hard as successfull. Participation in the WRC 2 with win in this class at Rally Deutschland. He was participating in the seven races of World Rallycross in the team of DTM star Mattias Ekstroem.
He is Skoda Motorsport member with his co-driver Emil Axelson in the category WRC 2 from this year. In the FIA Asian-Pacific Championship he earn winner´s title.

Today was needed to work out all important muscle partities. Drivers undergo training to improve the balance by the machine Imoove. It´s new release on the market. Basicly, the machine have reclining surface to the various sides and there you have to stay in balance. Training is filled by wheel holding and twisting for more real feeling. Mr. doctor told, that he is working on improvement to integrate with racing simulator. Balance is very wanted mainly during the technic and bumpy passages passing such as hairpins over handbrake.

After the work out in fitness centre were on programme stretch training and kart driving.

Some questions for Jaromir Jirik, MD:

How often you train with Pontusem Tidemand? Have each driver individual plan for preparation or one the same for all?
We make preparation between the rally events and his other duties to Skoda Motorsport how is it possible.  Then maybe fivetimes on general collective workshops per year. Each of the driver have individual plan, which is carried at home.

How is your mention about physical preparation of Pontus in the time of his entry to Skoda and then to this day?
Physical preparation of Pontus was on the level 3. Now, he is on the sixth level of range 0 - 10.

Wintertime period is coming and with its beginning rallysport season ends. Are the drivers participating workshop in the winter break too? If yes, in which range?
We are ending at half of November. New season begins just after New Year, so the break in winter is not too long. Naturally, preparation is running in this time too.

Who will be under your care from the drivers for the next season?
Next year is it mainly about Skoda Motorsport - Jan Kopecký, Esapekka Lappi, Pontus Tidemand. Then the racing drivers Petr Fulín, Michal Matějovský  and motocross rider Frantisek Smola. And mainly myself, to keep steps with them and will be well prepared for the next season of endurance racing in 24h Series.

Photogallery from training day is HERE.

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