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Epilog 2011 - We finished third
17. 10. 2011
At the end of season, which was not easy, the success went. Team K&K Racing dominated the last race of the year, 6h Invicta Epilog. Permanent drivers Marcel Kusin and Richard Chlad joined forces with half-factory team Ferrari AF Corse, their engineers and drivers Nicola Cadei and Michele Rugolo. Ant it was worth it.  Apart from absolute win with Ferrari 430 GT2 drivers Kusin and Chlad, were completed by guest driver Jaromir Jirik, they added third place in Division 4 under 3500 ccm category. They was changing in the car BMW M3 GTR, this years´ news BMW Z4 GTR stayed in garage.

Shortly, that was the best weekend of the year and real record th the history of Czech motorsport. „We are going for the win,“ said self-confidently  before race Marcel Kusin, team chef and racer. He knew very well, what kind of group is together. „This win I consider as one from tihe biggest success of my career. It is the same weight, Czech title 24h Dubai results,“ he said in finish. He was very happy. And therefore, that he can not go Podzimni cena race – he had blood poisoning in his leg, which wants the long healing… Now is very clear, that Ferrari 430 GT2 will go the team K&K Racing Team in next season. „I have bought the car from AF Corseshortly before Epilog and now I am happy for the next season,“ stated Richard Chlad.

There were less cars unlike in the past years, but the race brought suspenseful volume of thirteen-years hirstoy paradoxly. Kusins white ferrari fought very closely with similar Ferrari 430 of team Menx whole race. K&K Ferrari began to speed off after the last pit stop. Opponent Michael Vorba, who sat in the car for the last hour, had problems with transmission, so he could drive only on sixth gear… Duel was so close and suspenseful, that Chlad decided to resignate for his second drive portion.

He had to go the last half an hour to meet the regulations. But he let drive Nicolova Cadei, who is able to go more faster because of his experiences with car. „The ego is not important in this moments. I was not hanging back with the decision nor a while,“ added Chlad. He could not to be on the podium, but the pleasure he filled bythird place with BMW M3 in Divsion 4 under 3500 ccm category.

Guest driverí Jaromir Jirik, sporting doctor of the factory team Skoda Motorsport and very experienced driver of FIA GT3 and next series, enjoyed Epilog too. „This BMW i a bit older, but went very well. that was good driving with it. And the team  K&K Racing Team? There is very pleasant environment, where I like to visit it,“ said Jirik.

Source: K&K Media

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