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Lead role in the music video for Jaromir Jirik, MD
12. 12. 2015
He trained tennis champions Martina Hingisova or Helena Sukova, European champion in rally Kopecky. He shared  of preparation Tony Rominger, champion in Vuelta and Italian Giro and the further more sports aces.

And in his sixty one years of age he tried unconventional lead role in the music video called "Mystery" of band Plan B. "Originally, there should be professional actors, but after all effort to have things natural won", smiled Jirik while the band introduced to world the video under a sight of Petr Janda.

Whole video took place in motorsport environment and Jirik is known by his love to the fast wheels. When the frontman of the band Jaroslav Tauber took mention to Jaromir about the creation of the project, he put one's shoulder to the wheel.

„We agreed that we would like to use not usual environment. Song was prepared. After that remained to devise scenario and put it to the real environment," interpreted Jirik, how the project was borning.

Material for the music video production was collecting for a few months. There are catched in moments from the fights for seconds on the tracks Paul Ricard, Barcelona, Dubai, Zandvoort and Mugello. When it reached to cast the lead role, the most natural way is to use qualities of the professional driver. „I am not the actor, but we agreed, that we will not transfer this cast to the someone else," related Jirik.

When the material collecting from the racing environment was sure thing for him, filming in the "normal" life was highly difficult. „I was even three days sickie, withal something not to fell me so easily," told Jirik.

„When Olympic was creating musical record Savana, I took care for whole band. I tried to talk Petr Janda out of smoking and I gave together drummer Milan Peroutka after that he felt down of camel," called to mind Jirik, how he got to know with music legend.

Now, he has closer relation to Plan B, which is just trying to carry through. And Jirik hopes that the music video Mystery will be one from the steps on the way to wider public awareness.

Foto/video:  Plan B photo archive, Youtube

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