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Coaching - Manufacturer´s drivers under the load
26. 7. 2016
Skoda Motorsport drivers Jan Kopecky and Pontus Tidemand was not lazed one week after the last World Rally Championship round in Poland. They participated the next condition training under the viewing of team coach Jara Jirik. Photos for looking are here.
Skoda Octavia Cup - Jara Jirik will not already participate at Autodrome Most
14. 6. 2016
Drivers of the Skoda Octavia Cup series are arriving to the domestic playground after the first two racing events abroad. But it is needed to announce with regret that driver Jara Jirik starting in this series with the team Action Racing Mania will not continue with fights for the best results to the end of this season.
Carbonia Cup Slovakiaring - Double on the podium
14. 5. 2016
The next two-races portion waited for Jara Jirik on Monday by our neighbors on the Slovakiaring near Dunajská Streda. There were held the second racing weekend of more and more popular Carbonia Cup.
SOC Hungaroring - The first racing weekend
14. 5. 2016
The qualifying session brought provisional view of the drivers´ forces on starting grid. Jara Jirik gained the fourth position with loss of 1,655 sec. behind the fastest time. His team mate Michael Vorba was on the place in front of him. After that they had more chances to beat the highest ranks.
2016 season in sign of Skoda Octavia Cup - Part 2
8. 3. 2016
Letošní okruhová motoristická sezóna ve světě již běží v plném proudu. Ta naše začíná koncem dubna sice paradoxně, ale tradičně na maďarském Hungaroringu. MUDr. Jaromír Jiřík odstartuje svým celkově 170. závodem osmnáctý ročník své aktivní kariéry v automobilových závodech a zde jsou další předsezónní...
2016 season in sign of Skoda Octavia Cup
9. 2. 2016
Last year´s participation of Jaromir Jirik was in the sign of endurance racing in 24h Series known with its rising popularity. That he restrained horses of the special Ferrari. For this year, he will participate in sprint races although with less powerfull equipment, but yet racing with more closer battles.
Lead role in the music video for Jaromir Jirik, MD
12. 12. 2015
He trained tennis champions Martina Hingisova or Helena Sukova, European champion in rally Kopecky. He shared  of preparation Tony Rominger, champion in Vuelta and Italian Giro and the further more sports aces.
Driver´s training of...
16. 10. 2015
...Pontus Tidemand.
Between the primal activities of Jaromir Jirik, MD are to train the full-time sportsmen. The one took place in the Prague´s fitness centre Aqua Palace.
12h Epilog Brno - Season ending with win
11. 10. 2015
Scuderia Praha drivers woke up  to the Saturdays´morning with the very optimistic feeling. They drove the best qualifying lap time in Friday. So, they showed the best condition to Mercedeses. That was in the bad weather conditions and the drivers had to break in to it against the previous races.
12h Epilog Brno - Finale at domestic atmosphere
9. 10. 2015
This-weekend race at the Brno circuit will decide the final 24h Series classification. Around 50 crews from the various categories are possible to race. The strong powered GT cars with touring and cup cars together on track will offer fantastic spectacle.
Video - Pitstop with drivers change in the 24h Barcelona race
Czech driver Jaromir Jirik, MD changes Jiri Pisarik behind the wheel of Scuderia Praha´s Ferrari.
24h Barcelona - This year´s race in the bad luck sign
6. 9. 2015
The Prague team´s drivers went to the 24 hours race from the fourth position. Broken transmission sat back the aim to win this race as the last year´s.
24h Paul Ricard - Fantastic fourth place after unwaited contact
12.7. 2015
The friday´s day was closed by beautiful second qualifying session. Long 24 hours waited for Jaromir Jirik with crew and team.
Peter Kox drove first stint after the start.
24h Paul Ricard - Scuderia Praha drivers will start from the first row in Saturday
10. 7. 2015
Team Scuderia Praha will stand with team Ram Racing on the first row together for the 24h race. Fastest time of the team drove Matteo Malucelli in the fourth qualifying lap with 2:07,392. The difference between best two laptimes is 1,002 seconds.
24h Paul Ricard - The next race is on horizon
3. 7. 2015
At the Circuit Paul Ricard near by the French town Le Castellet will be heard all day and night engine noise. The fourth race of 24h Series calendar in row is actual. It will be premiere race, and equally the hardest part of the season for the crews. As the next race will be 24h Barcelona.
12h Zandvoort - The Mercedes crews was surmountable this time
2. 6. 2015
The last weekend of the May was very important for the team Scuderia Praha drivers. The Holland 12h Zandvoort endurance race was on the programme, where the 50 crews joined the fights on the track.
12h Mugello - Sixth place
16. 3. 2015
70, this is the number of fhe final count of teams. It means, that it is growth twice against the last year. The race was driven in two parts. The reason was the limit of the noise in the night time. Drivers started in 2 pm and then they stopped on the starting grid after the four hours of drive.
12h Mugello - Only three drivers set up
13. 3. 2015
The 24h Series continues by second racing event in row this weekend. 12h Mugello is in the calendar from the last year and that was new race not only for Scuderia Praha. There was the team fourth overall and in its category.
24h Dubai - More than a race
11. 1. 2015
This year´s endurance race in Dubai participated many of crews. The final number stopped after entry deadline at the number 95. Some changes was used in the 24 h Series this year. The most important change is gaining the full status of international series against the past years.
Written about us - Article in the Swiss motorsport magazine Motor Sport Aktuell too
  18. 9. 2014
The victorious 24h-race in Barcelona filled our awaiting and a lot of articles about our win was published. One nice was printed by publisher Motor Presse AG in the Motor Sport Aktuell. This one belongs to high rated motorsport magazines in Europe.
24h Barcelona - The victorious trophy is at home!
10. 9. 2014
MD. Jaromír Jirik set the excellent result.. He completed the endurance race for 24 hours (Fermi Velez Trophy) with the team mates Jiri Pisarik, Matteo Malucelli and Peter Kox on the first place. He won in his category and in absolute ranking.
24h Barcelona - Red Scuderia Praha Ferrari on the pole!
6. 9. 2014
There was no reason to get better place at the 24h Series race in Barcelona for Pisarik/Jirik/Malucelli/Kox. Matteo Malucelli had very awful crash in Daytona at the beginning of the year. Now, he set the best lap time during the 45 minutes qualification.
24h Barcelona - Preview
5. 9. 2014
MenX go to Barcelona with high aim and humility together. It will be the first 24 hours race for team with Ferrari F458 GT3, but team is in the endurance races no newcomer..
Czech Circuit Racing Most - Racing weekend is knocking on the door
8. 8. 2014
Already on this weekend the following endurance race is waiting for the Scuderia Praha team. Not in 24h Series this time, but in the domestic ambience at the Autodrom Most circuit. Team will have behind the wheel changing drivers Pisarik/Jirik and the start number of the car will be 99. Scuderia Praha wil participate the endurance race at Saturday´s afternoon.
Father and son Konopkas with Porsche 911 GT3 R will be the main competitors.
24h Barcelona - Entry list is hanging on
6. 8. 2014
Exactly for a month the 24h Series will hold the race in Barcelona on the track Montmeló. Scuderia Praha is not absent in entry list with se stálými permanent drivers  Jiri Pisarik and Jaromir Jirikem. This team will join the another very experienced GT driver Italian Matteo Mallucelli.
12h Zandvoort - Crew Písařík/Jiřík/Kox did not see the finish due to accidental collision
1. 4. 2014
After the races in Dubai and Mugello team continues on the track between dunes in Zandvoort. Peter Kox, the very experienced driver with GT cars joined the Scuderia Praha with Jaromir Jirik behind the wheel.
Immediately in qualifying session red Ferrari set the time 1:41,021. That was the third place on the starting grid.
12h Mugello - Very successful weekend for the crew Pisarik/Jirik/Waszek
19. 3. 2014
Fourth place in 37 cars field wrote Czech trio Jiri Pisarik, Jaromir Jirik and Dennis Waszek. That was their premiere race in 24h Series. The drivers was changing in the car Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 under the head of  Scuderia Praha.
Interview: Life without limits
2. 5. 2012
It is said that it is sometimes struggle for survival, how is the truth?

Yes it is sometimes rough preparation, at which one racing drivers will really touch the bottom of their strength. Only just then you can see the qualities, which will be showed in car under the big stress.
 Big test of Barum Polaris 3 and Conti TS850
11. 11. 2012
Two weeks ago we said us, that we will bring you something more than boring review from tyre producers. This reviews are full of superlatives to colour it to the best. Why not to publish reviews from the peoples for which is driving the bread and butter.
Epilog 2011 - We finished third
17. 10. 2011
This season was not easy, but at the end came the success. Team K&K Racing dominated last race of the year, Invicta 6h Epilog. Permanent drivers Marcel Kusin and Richard Chlad joined forces with s half-factory team Ferrari...
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